So, photographers who know me know that I am a big Lightroom user. It is a major part of my workflow. One feature I have always liked and use is the ability to quickly share an image from Lightroom to my Facebook timeline. Using the Publish Service feature in Lightroom , it is a drag, drop and publish. Done , easy. So today , I was working images from the Concours d’Elegance of America and Dragged and dropped , clicked publish and the following popped up on my screen

So, time to do a little research and I found this from Adobe.

Quoting from Facebook’s documentation:

“As we begin enhancing our new app review process and make changes to our platform, the Events, Groups, Pages and Instagram APIs will no longer be available to new developers. Testing of our more robust process starts today and the new process should resume in a few weeks, but apps currently accessing Events and Groups APIs will lose access today.”

Lightroom apps rely on Facebook’s APIs to communicate and publish photos on your behalf to Facebook. A recent API change introduced by Facebook impacts the Facebook publish service provided in Lightroom. Facebook’s new API removes the ability for applications like Lightroom to publish to Facebook from desktop.

Read the complete document from Adobe.

Now, lets look at this this way. It’s not the end of the world that I can’t post directly to my Facebook Timeline from Lightroom. I have a number of alternatives. It will involve a little more work on my part. I believe that Adobe might rework the Publish Service in the future or a third party could create a plugin.

To me, the part of this that I come back to is the issue on the Facebook side. Many of you have seen and posted about the new formula being used to decide what is on my feed. A major increase in ads in that feed.

I know this, I will be looking at the other methods and vehicles for sharing my work with those who might be interested.
How about you?