Florida Photography


My original blog was going to be “How to Photograph Birds in Florida”. Well, what if you’re not into “bird photography?”  So, I started to think outside the box. What other photography is there in Florida besides “bird photography?” Let’s start with “Long Exposure Photography.” Both east and west coasts have piers. With the waves crashing onto the shore you have the perfect setup for shooting long exposures. For this type of shooting you need neutral density filters. The pier is static but the water (and clouds) is moving. Another good location for “long exposures” is the cities. Think of South Beach at night with the old art deco hotels with their neon lights. No neutral density filter is required.  Simply set up your camera on a tripod, compose and shoot. It helps if cars are going by.

Architecture photography is popular in Florida. Just south of Miami is Vizcaya. Vizcaya is the former villa and estate owned by James Deering {think of John Deere}. You could spend a good part of the day photographing architecture and the gardens. Most big cities in Florida have architectural “hot spots” featuring old and new.

If you like photographing flowers then Florida is the place to be. Naples Botanical Gardens is one of my favorites. Remember there are botanical gardens throughout Florida.  Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens near Delray Beach is another option.

People photography is one I tend to forget. Once again, think of any beach town during the day. You will see skateboarders, roller bladders, sand volleyball, surfers, wind surfers, and the list goes on.

Something I accidently found this year was Equestrian and Polo. These events take place around West Palm Beach.

Finally, Bird Photography. Here in Florida you may not need “long” lenses. I brought my 600 mm lense and haven’t used it once. Most of the birds I photographed where in the 100-500 mm range. There were some days I used a 70-200 mm lens.

Finally, if you are coming down to Florida do your research. I could have written much more but you get the idea.  If you have any questions please contact me by email john.campbell@creativevisionpw.com


Enjoy Florida and thanks for visiting Creative Vision Photography Workshops.