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  • John Planck

    Never sold a photo, photography is just a passionate hobby for me.

    The company of a friend of mine wants to buy one of my images “to hang in the lobby.” I have used CG Pro Prints with high quality results to print some wrapped canvas prints upto 2×3 ft. for some family members. So far my friend’s company has asked for a digital copy to print themselves. I know nothing about protecting my work (nor do I like others editing my work) digitally and would rather use a service like CG Pro Prints to deliver a hard print. I am going to try to negotiate this route. That would cost me about $60 for a 2×3 ft print (the size they want), I would of course pass this cost on.

    I realize there are *many* considerations here and I have a complete lack of knowledge on selling. (Yes I will take the SchoolCraft Photo business class someday 😉

    Any online resources I could read on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Or any advice you want to post here. It is exciting to now have my hobby photography gaining very modest interest. I feel I should at least be prepared when these situations to buy my work arise. Ultimately I don’t really want to run an online store front, this is for fun, not for income. Although… I could use a new lens!

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  • David M Haupt

    Found this article which goes through a good analysis of how to approach this problem.

    Why you must sell digital files, and how to price them properly

    I would take in consideration the processing time, your education time, your field time, and the value of all that. I would have a contract that limits their use of the image. They can not post it anywhere, have any commercial use nor share it. Any of those would be litigation for damages.

    So my question is, since this is a business, what is their intended usage? From there I would start thinking about pricing structure and a contract.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • John Planck


    Thanks for the article/link. It would literally hang in the lobby of a a central Detroit office. They agreed to a hard print they would frame. But after my price the line went cold. I really did not want to under cut legitimate photographers making their living. The lowest price suggested from a professional photographer was $250. I balanced that with this 2016 article (https://petapixel.com/2016/02/26/much-photographers-charge-2016/) about selling a single print and the fact that I am a hobbiest and asked threw $150 out there as a price. The emails/texts went cold. But I feel good knowing I did not give away a print. Yes there are lots of stock photos of what they wanted from me. But, for something unique they needed my print.

    The article you provided would suggest $50-$75 for an 8×10, (in my case they wanted 2×3 feet), based on time and materials. I still don’t know what the right price would be. But really I don’t care that much. I am not making a living selling prints. However, I think any hobbiest should be prepared if someone asks a price for a print what they should charge. My main concern was not cannibalizing the professional photographers market.

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