I recently saw a post on Facebook from PetaPixel . The author Missy Mwac was talking about how her local Costco was eliminating the photo processing dept.  because of low volume. https://petapixel.com/2019/03/04/the-lesson-from-costcos-photo-lab

This is a subject that is been important to me for a long time also. As a society, we have steadily moved away from printing out things to only viewing them in a digital format. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and all the others have taken our images and art to the cloud. I find this so sad. I remember the days when I would be asked  “hey, can I get a print of that shot” . Today, it’s “ Did you post that somewhere so I can see it”. Don’t get me wrong , posting and sharing on line has its place, just not at the total replacement of prints.  

The next time you have a favorite image, make a print and give out to a friend who admired the post version. Make greeting cards to give out as a gift. However you do it, get your images into printed formats and share them with the world.

To help you along, here a couple of my favorite places to get unusual print and photo products.

Facture me  (www.fractureme.com)  Your photo printed directly on glass.

Photographers Edge (www.photographersedge.com)  Turn you images into frameable greetings cards and calendar’s .